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Providing statistical data analysis and expert advice on statistical techniques and software
  1. Customer targeting - Help you choose the right statistical technique for effective customers targetting. Advice on managing marketing campaigns.
  2. Understanding your data - How to use the most appropriate statistical techniques to gain key insights into your business data.
  3. Questionnaires - From creating the questionnaires, to determining an unbiased sample through to analysing your results.
  4. Academic projects - Advise on study design, statistical analysis and help using software packages such as SPSS and R in order to complete your research project.
Data analysis

Predictive Modelling

Predict future behaviour and understand key influential variables. Identify likely responders for focussed marketing strategies.



Gain a deeper understanding by segmenting your data into groups based on behavioural, demographic or psychographic attributes. Direct your marketing towards key groups.


Sales analysis

Provide monthly, weekly or one-off sales analysis. Use forecasting methods to predict sales growth. Identify statistically significant trends, seasonality and differences in time periods.


Questionnaire analysis

Analyse people's satisfication or opinions through questionnaires and identify statisitcal differences in demographics. Measure the importance of each factor in overall satisifaction.


Understanding customer data

Gain insights into who your customers are and what they are buying and understand differences between demographics. Investigate how often and how much customers are spending.


Research projects

Apply an extensive range of statistical analysis to any research topic. Examples including bespoke modelling (e.g. regression, multi-level, measurement error modelling), principal components, cluster analysis, ANOVA, t-testing and chi-square.

  1. Software training - Help you get more out of your statistical software to efficiently analyse your large data sets. I can provide bespoke training in many statistical software packages, including R-programming, SPSS, Minitab, SAS.
  2. Predictive modelling- How to create and validate your statistical models. I can provide in-depth training with focus on regression modelling techniques, include advanced techniques such as multi-level modelling and measurement error models.
  3. Statistic techniques to understand your business data - Whether you want to make more sense of your sales data or understand who your customers are and how often they purchase, I can train you in the most appropriate statistic techniques.
About me
I am an experienced analyst based in Lutterworth, Leicestershire. I have a PhD in Statistics and have over 10 years’ experience in both the commercial and academic sectors, including working as an analyst for a blue chip company and lecturing in statistics at University. I have provided consultancy within both the commercial and education sectors. My consultancy has focussed on developing targeted statistical analyses for companies as well as providing training on how to develop models and produce appropriate statistics. I specialise in predictive modelling, but I also have extensive knowledge in a wide range of statistical techniques.

I am interested in all projects big or small. I am more than happy to discuss your requirements on a non-obligation basis

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